Tungua is the name of an island in the southwest of Lulunga in the Haʻapai archipelago; 20°016 S, 174°764 W. Two reefs to the north, in the direction of Teaupa are called Luti (the nearest) and Russell reef.

Its village, Tungua (township) is located along its eastshore, named Funga Fāʻimata. Its nickname is Tainamu ʻa Paea (Orphan's mosquito net), strictly speaking the name of a place at the northern coast.

The island belongs to the estate of Tuʻihaʻateiho, but there is also a royal estate in the centre, named ʻAlaloa.

The reason Tungua is also called Sani Tungua (glorious Tungua) is becuse it was the residence of the Tamahā, the royal princesses, and several are buried there in huge mounds. If originally the princesses lived in Lapaha, then due to the fahu system their aristocratic rank was so high, higher than that of the Tuʻi Tonga king himself, that it interfered with the matters of state, so it was better that they were far out of the way. FOKI