Thank you for your recent contributions. Next time, however, first look at Category:Tohi hokohoko ʻo e fanga meʻamoʻui ko honau hingoa fakalatina to see whether a particular plant is already entered. The Sophora tomentosa already was. Please combine it with your Sophora so that the latter can be deleted. --Tauʻolunga 00:19, 19 Sēpitema 2007 (UTC)

Hallo, Penarc!

Schön, hier am Ende der Welt jemanden zu finden der Deutsch spricht!--Islandfreak 14:47, 20 Sēpitema 2007 (UTC)

Bei deinem Projekt helfe ich gerne. You can give me the text. But, my English is not very good!--Greetings Islandfreak 06:14, 6 ʻOkatopa 2007 (UTC)


Hello Penarc! I have not forget you! I was ill and then I had to learn for an very important test. But now I am here again! I think I will translate your text till 01.01.2008. The second thing, I wanted to say, is that im am 13 (in three day; 9. December, 14) and you can say, if you speak German with me "Du". Moreover, you never say "Sie" in the German Wikipedia. I hope you have understood my english! Have a nice christmas time and a happy new year, bye --Greetings Islandfreak 16:49, 6 Tisema 2007 (UTC)