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Have yourself registered as bot Tauʻolunga 07:08, 27 ʻEpeleli 2007 (UTC)

And where it can be done? I didn't found any place where I can ask for bot flag. If you are able to register it please do it. Idioma-bot works in more than 20 wikipedias like English, Spanish, French, German, etc. It adds interwiki. lt:User:Hugo.arg 07:20, 27 ʻEpeleli 2007 (UTC)

Once you are approved, you can add [[Category:Ngaahi mīsini fakawikipedia]] to your page, and find that information in the category page. But this moment you are blocked, until you have your bot repaired and stop inserting false information. The following pages were to be reverted:
  • Limufonua old en: link was correct; (admittedly, it pointed to a redirect page, which points to the new link, but that was done so intentionally, in preparation when the redirect page will become an article on itself. This is a situation to think about, maybe we do not always want redirects "correced" ?!)
  • pitu old en: was correct; (same story, it pointed to a redirect page)

the following pages were believed to be incorrect, but not so on more careful investigation:

I see all these problems are about redirect's.. All bots work in same instruction - if there is redirect it change link to original page. This proceess could not be controled. There is some information about bot work [1]. To avoid problems about plants you could not add interwiki links if there are no exactly page in other wikipedias (like pitu). For example limufonua realy must link to es:Psilotum nudum to avoide the problem. English page have only redirect and bot fix it to en:psilotum. Hugo.arg 10:08, 28 ʻEpeleli 2007 (UTC)

It is not ideal, but changing the behaviour of the bot (concerning redirects) will probably create yet other problems. I shall an eye on it myself. --Tauʻolunga 21:03, 28 ʻEpeleli 2007 (UTC)