Moʻungaʻotonga married a virgin from Sāmoa, a privilige until then only allowed to the Tuʻi Tonga, as that act increased his rank. Apparently so highly risen had the Tuʻi Takalaua by now that he could come away with it and had even with his son Ngata another dynasty started.

Moʻungaʻotonga's first son would succeed him as Tuʻi Haʻatakalaua. His second, Niukapu, was sent out as governor of Haʻapai. The third, Nuku, became governor of the Hahake district, large and rich. The fourth and youngest, Ngata had to do it with Hihifo, always been the smallest and poorest district.

Who could have guessed that from him the mightiest line of kings would come forth? And nowadays the descendants of Nuku and Niukapu are under those of Ngata, and they belong to the Lātūhifo clan (low Lātū). FOKI