Holonga (Tongatapu)/en

Holonga is a small village in the eastern district of Tongatapu, close to the lagoon. It lays along the Tāufaʻāhau road between Malapo and ʻAlakifonua.

Origin fatuʻi vahe

According to the popular story Holonga originally got its name from the people of Pea. They escaped from their hometown after they lost the battle against Nukuʻalofa. Some Pea people ranned as far to Malapo and stayed there, some ranned and settled at Tatakamotonga. When the rest of the people of Pea still ran, they got tired and weary. They stopped, turned and hid in the bush. That place was named Holonga. Holo means escaped and nga means stopped, turned and hide in the bush.   FOKI