• Mark an article as a stub?
  • Make the special Tongan character accents, the fakauʻa (glottal stop), toloi (macron) and fakamāmafa (definite accent)?
    • use the toolbox at the bottom of your editwindow, if your keyboard does not have these characters.
  • Delete an article?
    • add the template {{db-laupisi}} or {{delete}} if the artice is really rubbish;
    • add the template {{db-kole}} or {{db-kole|reason}} in other cases, giving other editors some time to add their opinion yes or no to the talk page before the final decision is taken. In any case an administrator will then delete it.
  • Add the Babel template to your user's page?
    • copy this {{Pēpeli | x | x | x }}, then change the x 's into expressions like "to", "en-0", "to-fuka"" and so on, or add more of them up to 30. For example: {{Pēpeli | to | en-3 | fr-2 | to-fuka |}}.
  • Upload a picture?
    • select the upload command (fakahekaʻi hake) from the toolbox to the left. You must add a LICENSE by using this template: information.
  • Add an English translation?
  • Start a disambiguation page?

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