Tēvita Polutele Kaho/en

Polutele Kaho, as he was commony known before he received the noble title, was made into the Chief of police at the declaration of the British protectorate, in January 1905. Not really to the wish of king Siaosi Tupou II, as Polutele was one of his strongest critics. But the British did not leave him any choice.

However the Tonga maʻa Tonga Kautaha case brought the two closer together, such that in 1912 Kaho, by then just installed as the noble Tuʻivakanō, and as such from then commonly known as T.P. Tuʻivakanō, took over the prime minister office from the discredited Sione Tupou Mateialona. His younger brother, Sioape Alo Kaho became the minister of police in 1919 for the next 20 years.

He remained in office until 1923 when he retired, and he died little more than one month after.

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